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We Love Our Cats

kitty pride

My cat can beat up your cat.
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This community is for anyone who loves their cat more than anything else.
You know if you're one of us. We're the ones who constantly reference our kitties by first names. We spend more on their food than we do on our own. You can call us any naughty word in the book, but insult our cats and it's all over. They are our happy place, our shoulder to cry on, and our partners in crime.
We are felinophiles of the highest degree.

Membership is open, but please do us a favor and introduce yourself! We'd like to hear about you and your cat. Feel free to post pictures, stories, links, community exchanges or anything else cat-related. Any community promotion or advertisement not related to the community will be deleted, and the poster will be banned without warning. When in doubt, ask. Please post all large/numerous photos under an lj-cut.

Moderator: turningallblue and Phoenix

Our cats can beat up your cat.